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The Romans had a unique concept called the mos maiorum, the way of the ancestors (a literal translation). The mos maiorum was central to Roman society – in politics, for instance, policies and laws were debated and justified using the past examples, examplii, from ancestors and their morals. The past provided countless inspirations to justify both the status quo or a break from it in Rome. In short, the past justified both change and continuity.

This blog is born of the crazy idea of using Antiquity to make sense of the our modern world.

‘Crazy’ because of the common perception that our world has evolved in two thousand years and that the Romans, Greeks and other ancient civilisations are aliens to us. ‘Not so crazy’ because a large part of our modern world, such as languages (French, English, Spanish or Romanian, etc...) or our political systems originate from Antiquity.

And so perhaps, to push the thought further, there are still lessons to be learnt from the Ancients.....

Just a thought, just a crazy idea…

This blog will never aim to be comprehensive, nor very practical. It is interested just plainly and simply by the history ideas through time. It will present the ideas at time crazy, of people who reflect on the past to explain the present and think the future.

Who am I? 

Lover of ancient Rome and politics (ancient and modern, I am a PhD candidate in Ancient History at University College London. A globe trotter, I've lived in the Caraibbean, South America, North America and Europe. I now live in Brussels and works in, out and around the European institutions.

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